Buyers Info

Buyers Info

Lisa Dighton is here to help you plot a happy and successful path to your dream home. Feel free to use the Buyers Info provided below of visit the following links:

Real Estate Buyers

The first step is to select a professional to help you find your dream home and fine-tune your financial expectations. Working with a buyer agent is worth consideration since he or she is legally responsible for representing the buyer’s interest in a real estate transaction. Before making a decision, however, have a REALTOR explain the pros and cons of using a buyer agent versus a sales or dual agent. Your Realtor can guide you through every step to buying a home.

Pre-qualify for a loan

Take the time to get pre-qualified; this determines how much you can afford. It allows you to move swiftly when you find the right home, especially when there are other interested buyers. It also indicates to the seller that you are serious and really can afford to buy the property.

Define what you want

The next step is to create a realistic idea of the property you’d like to buy. What features are most important to you? Make two lists: one of the items you can’t live without and one of the features you would enjoy. Refine the lists as you house hunt. It is also helpful to search Online to see what is currently available on the market.

Showing properties

Now you’re ready to visit houses. Ask Lisa to arrange showings, and keep track of the properties you’ve seen. Most sellers generally prefer overnight notice to prepare their home for viewing and to ensure tidiness. During tours I devise an efficient route and schedule in order to maximize our time together. As a result, extended visits (30 minutes or more) are not practical on first viewings however we would be pleased to arrange a subsequent viewing of finalist property for a longer period. I always recommend slip on shoes!

Resale considerations

In some areas, a swimming pool actually detracts from a home’s value and makes it harder to sell. In neighborhoods with two-car, attached garages, a single-car or detached garage may impact the home sale and future value.

Rate the houses you tour

After touring each home, write down what you liked and didn’t like. Develop a rating system that will help narrow the field down. For example, pick the house you like best on day one and compare all other houses to it. When you find a better one, use the new favorite as the standard.

Make an offer

Once you’ve pinpointed your dream house, it’s time to get serious about the financial and contractual side of the purchase. Discuss and decide what price you would like to offer for your potential home. Remember you have viewed homes and have a good idea of pricing and your own budget.

Arrange for a home inspection

After your offer is accepted, set up a home inspection. It’s common to find problems, including leaky roofs, cracked walls, insect infestations and foundation problems. I can help find a reputable inspector, and will negotiate to get you the most for your money once the inspector’s report is final. If you negotiate repairs as part of the purchase, I will obtain receipts for verification.


Before your closing date, make sure you’ve made all necessary deposits and completed the paperwork – including mortgage, title, homeowners insurance and any other paperwork required by local or provincial governments.

Prepare for life in your new home

Before rolling out the welcome mat, consider some moving basics: arranging for an alarm company, turning on electricity, water and gas, cleaning or replacing the carpet, and notifying your local post office of your new address. The best time for renovations is often before you move in.